Christmas Holiday Party ideas- Costumes to Personal Gifts

Christmas Holiday Party ideas- Costumes to Personal Gifts

The most awaited eve of the month full of Carols, gifts, decoration and feast, Oh! Yes its Christmas. Every year on December 25, people around the globe observe Christmas. Christmas is the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Christmas holiday abounds in interesting traditions like exchanging gifts, lighting of Christmas tree, hanging stockings, kissing under mistletoe and many more.

Alright! All set for celebrating Christmas or just roaming around to find that perfect costume? With Santas, Reindeers, Elves and lot of costume accessories you will never run out of options when it comes to costumes. Bring Santa, Elves, Reindeers to life this December! I have assembled what costumes you can wear, some ideas for lazy people and what are the unique presents you can give this Christmas.

Men Costumes

Santa’s Elf Costume- Elves are portrayed as green or red clad with pointed ears and hat. The Christmas Elf costume has always been on the top when it comes to dressing up. You can choose from a number of Elf costumes available in stores. After all every Santa needs a helper!

Making Elf costumes – But if you don’t want to spend money on costumes then make your own costume by just putting a little efforts. If you have a red or green bodysuit or a sweatsuit then transform your suit into elf costume. Everyone has atleast one black belt so put that on! For hat just make a cone shaped hat out of any green or red material you have. Do not forget to tie a bell at the end of the hat which will add a festive touch as well.

Santa's Elf Costume

Santa Suits- Santa is a jolly man with a long white beard who wears a red suit and a red hat with fur trim. Red is the color of Christmas, Christmas without red is like summers without sun. Bring in the feel of Christmas in the traditional Santa Claus costume. After all what Christmas would be without Santa?

Santa Suits

Blue Santa costume- Want to be more noticeable? Then go for a blue Santa costume. Be the different in the flood of iconic red Santa suits.

Blue Santa Suit

Women Costumes  

Elf Costumes – When it comes to elf, costume industry runs a gamut of these. If you are a little naughty and comfortable in showing off your body then Sexy Elf Costume is for you!  If sexy is not your search term then here is the another option that you have for Christmas.

Sexy Elf CostumeSanta's Elf Costume Women

Lady Santa Dress- Christmas parties are fun and to double the fun costumes were made. Lady Santa dress is one of the graceful dress you can wear for any Christmas party.

Mrs Santa Costume


Costumes for lazy people

Whether you are looking something different for a gift or too lazy to buy a costume for yourself, Christmas sweaters are all what you need. If you already have a handmade sweater, save that one for Christmas. If you find buying costumes expensive and you have got the designing chops then make the costumes at your home.

Christmas Sweaters

Exchanging Personal Presents at Christmas

Gift giving has always been the popular tradition for Christmas. But if you want a gift for your loved one, possibility is they already have that item for themselves. My thought is what about giving a personal present to your loved one. Why limit personal gifts to bridal shower or bachelorettes? What about giving intimate gifts to your spouse for the Christmas night. Lingerie is indeed an excellent  gift to tell someone how much you love them! If it is your first Christmas together then I am sure your wife won’t mind getting a lingerie. To help you here are some options you will thank me for.


Fishnet lingerie is a great choice for women who wants to show off as it is a see through material. If your spouse is thin or less toned then I would suggest you to buy Fishnet. A gift exchanging should be fun, something imaginative and impressive. I am sure nothing would be more impressive than a seamless fishnet lingerie.

Seamless Stretch Fishnet

Newlyweds do not need household items, what she wants is a little mesh and lace this Christmas. Babydolls are what women adore the most, so I would surely recommend you to buy a babydoll for her. Babydoll has become a popular piece of lingerie and why not? It’s comfortable and looks very sexy as well as flirty especially when the material is lace.


Make a romantic ambiance and celebrate happiness together. Red is the color of love and Christmas too; so get the feel of Christmas in this sexy babydoll.



Who does not want to look in shape. Well if you don’t have that perfect model figure, not to worry. Bustiers, a firm fitted lingerie used to give a push up to thebust and adding those curves to your body. It is one piece of lingerie that every girl wants.

Choice is yours, getting the size right is must. To set the romantic mood you can also give her gifts like Christmas chocolates, a cologne and may be a perfume.

What women can gift to men?

Gifts are not only for women, even men would love when they get a gift from their loved one. If you are a women who is not willing to give something that is easily available everywhere in markets and you want your gift to be unique then I would suggest you to customize your gifts. Purchase something and put your special thought into that.

If he is a wine connoisseur then think of giving a beer mug, or you can plan a special dinner, a trip on a cruise or something that he likes.
If you have got the knitting chops then knit a sweater for them probably of a red color which he can wear on Christmas.

Lit the candles and pray for peace , have a good time, share joy and Happy Christmas!


Holiday Costume Ideas for Thanksgiving

Holiday Costume Ideas for Thanksgiving

Chilly air, leaves begin to fall from the bough and its autumn, one of the beautiful season marking the start of holidays. When you feel the aroma of the ingredients cooked in the morning you can feel its Thanksgiving, the wonderful time of the year. It is the time for family get togethers when they gather to express Gratitude to God for all the blessings in their life. The most prominent part of Thanksgiving is the Big meal where turkey is the centerpiece of all the families dinner table.

The season of Thanksgiving is all about fun and enjoyment. To help people celebrate this festival there is a wide range of costumes available at the market place as well as online. Costumes like Indian costumes, Pilgrim costumes are the main attractions.

Every festival will create a different atmosphere when there will be theme party held and costume is all what you need. Scroll down for some eclectic collection of Thanksgiving costumes.

 Women Costumes-  

Women are always looking for a chance to dress up either it will be a festival or anything. So Ladies here’s the chance! Enjoy the meal with your family and friends and make everyone dress up in the pleasurable Thanksgiving costumes upto 50% Off.





Women's Wolf Hunter Adult Costume for Thanksgiving Day


Men’s Costumes- 

When you were a child I am sure there is so much to remember for Thanksgiving -The big meal, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes and of course turkey. When people think of Thanksgiving turkey is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. Grab the chance to dress up like america’s favorite bird. Here are some costumes for men that are available at reasonable price and offers heavy discounts up-to 50% off!


Men's Pilgrim Man Adult Costume - Black & White - Standard

Men's Native American Adult Costume - Tan - One-Size

Select from a gamut of Thanksgiving costumes available at the lowest prices Up-to 50% OFF!

So Sit back, relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving feast!


Tips for Buying Winter Lingerie

Tips for Buying Winter Lingerie

Yes it is here. The time of the year where we cover ourselves under layers and layers of clothes.  Who said shedding clothes can only make you look sexy. Looking sexy is all about being comfortable with your own body. Many people feel winters is that time of the year where you just cant look sexy. We like to differ.

Sexy is not just about what you wear outside. Its more about what you wear inside. Dont make winter an excuse to wear plain boring lingerie. Winter lingerie has its own charm and excitement.

Few tips to keep in mind before buying a winter lingerie are

1)      Type of fabric: Winter wear should be something that keeps you warm. Cotton Lingerie is a best option for winters. It keeps you warm and is very comfortable. If you want to go in for some richer fabrics you can try brocade, leather or Satin. You can wear Brocade or leather Corsets, Stain robes etc. We have huge variety of Leather Vinyl Lingerie and Corsets and Brocade lingerie and corsets for you.

2)      Color of your lingerie: Color selection is very important for winters. Selecting darker shades is good to keep warm. Red, Black, Brown are few of the colors that can be opted for winters. Select warmer shade and looking smoking HOT!

3)      Style: As said before shedding clothes is not necessary to look sexy. One can look sexy even in a fully covered dress. Depending upon your resistance toward cold decide your style. You can wear full sleeves tops, or dresses for winters. Pick the style that you are comfortable in and not what shows off your skin.

If you want to steam up your nights then you can try out full sleeves Satin robes. These robes not just cover you but these loosely tied robes create excitement and curiosity about what beneath the robe.

In the end ill like to say what ever you wear just keep in mind that its your body and you need to make it feel comfortable.

Comfortable is true sexy.


The Big Halloween Sale : Save up to 65% on Costumes

The Big Halloween SALE – Save up to 65% on Costumes!

It’s no surprise that Halloween industry is growing and the costumes for Halloween are getting expensive. With the new trends arriving every year the preferences also changes. No one wants to be the same character they were for the previous year. Don’t you think it requires a lot of money to buy costumes for the whole family? But this year with the superb deals around, you don’t have to be spend excessive money. So how do you make sure your family has a fun experience this Halloween without spending more than $20.

If you are getting costumes at a discount of 65% then what else you want for Halloween.  The Halloween Flash SALE is here , Scroll down for more information!

Men Costumes up to 65% Off -

Who wants to look around search the market? Men want everything ready for them. So making it easier for them here are few costumes which are trendy, good and pocket friendly.


Women Costume upto 65% Off

Women are discount lovers for sure! As Halloween arrives women gets super-excited and why not? After all it’s time to get dressed up and make your friends jealous of you!


Accessories upto 45% Off -

Accessories are the most prominent as it contributes a lot to wearer’s costume. Add finishing touches with our accessories at the lowest prices.


So what are you waiting for? Get up and get some cash off your wallet!

Want to know more about the Biggest Flash Sale of the year? Comment below! 

Costume trends for Halloween 2014

Costume trends for Halloween 2014

The trick or treat season is here. Along with trick or treat, it is also a season of dressing up. The best part of Halloween is choosing a costume – selecting who you would like to be for the night. Over the years more and more options for women’s Halloween costumes have been created, but some of the classics still stick around. Every year few new costumes makes their way to the red carpet of Halloween but classic costumes remain classic and always will remain classic. This year is no different. You’ll see many new trends and classics don by women of all ages.

1) Pirate Costumes

Ahoy Mateys! Pirate theme is a forever classic theme. But classic does not mean you cant change the feel. Add the touch of sexiness to it and make it new.

sexy pirate costume


2) Mermaid Costumes

We all have grown up listening to Mermaid stories. Appreciating the beauty of mermaid, we bring to you a sexy Mermaid costume. I’m sure you’ll love it

mermaid costume


3) Devil Costume

Devil is the essence of Halloween. Halloween seems incomplete with devil and if the devil looks as hot as fire it is hard to get your eyes off from her.

Devil costume


4) Frozen Elsa

From classic we move to present time. After the huge success and love received by Disney’s Frozen there is no doubt that the costumes from this movie wont make a buzz this Halloween. Dress like beautiful Elsa this season.

Elsa frozen Costume


5)  Maleficent Costume

Another movie that is making its way to Halloween is Maleficent. There are many costumes available under this theme but the one costume that caught my attention was this. Show the darker shades this Halloween

Maleficent Costumes6) Orange is the new Black

Winning the hearts on Television screen  its time to move to Halloween Party. Dress up like the character of this series for Halloween

Orange is new black





Halloween SuperHero Costume Giveaway

Halloween SuperHero Costume Giveaway

Halloween is round the corner. Everyone is looking for what to wear and what not to. Why to spend time, money and effort on a perfect Halloween costume when you can have it for FREE. Thinking how? Well ladies and gentlemen its time to win a Costume worth $60 absolutely FREE . Get a chance to pick your favorite out of the two Superhero or Devil Costume. We have something for everyone. Be the vicious Devil or a Brave sexy Super hero.

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Don’t miss your chance to win these fabulous costumes for Halloween. ENTER Now!

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Halloween Superhero Costume Giveaway

Orange- Lingerie Color of the Month

Orange- Lingerie Color of the Month

Its time to bid farewell to the sunny summer days and welcome with open arms the winter chills. As the season change the colours change accordingly. Colour selection according to the season is a must. Im sure you wont like to wear bright colours during the freezing winter. These colours wont do anything to keep you warm. Black underwear is traditionally sexy and white is clean but why not have a change and let the new autumnal colours of orange, red and chocolate tempt you?. Welcome fall with orange. Thinking why orange? Well, there are many reasons firstly as it is a fall colour and would blend with the surroundings and secondly since the weather is neither  very hot nor cold therefore this colour keeps you cozy and comfortable. It has everything that the season asks for.

There are may styles that can be selected. Apart from styles you can even go for prints with the base of orange. Keep yourself free to experiment.

Fall Lingerie-Orange Body suit


A one piece skin tight garment  covering you from top to bottom. Even though its cover but sill has its own sex appeal. It is one of those few must haves of your wardrobe.

Cami Top and G-String


Spice up your bedroom encounters with the Vivace Diamond Net Cami Top and G-String . This sexy outfit is sure to make it a night you’ll never forget!

Bubble Wrap Teddy lingerie


Bubble wrap as lingerie.. ummmm innovative isn’t it? Who thought Bubble wrap can be used as lingerie. Well you can wear this and have a crackling night.

CutOut ClubWear Orange


Abstract rich orange multi-diamond cutout tube dress will make you feel smokin’ hot in the club or poolside. Wear alone, as a top, or simply layer over your favorite sexy swimsuit for fun under the sun. Stretchy fabric is cutout in an intricate diamond shape for versatility and edge.

orange printed babydoll


Prints are a fun way to add a different touch to your lingerie. Prints are unique and fun.

There are many styles in lingerie that you can try but do keep in mind the color you pick.

Beautiful Lingerie for $20 or less

Beautiful Lingerie for $20 or less

Owning a sexy and beautiful piece of lingerie is a fantasy for every girl out there. But the tight budget and exorbitant prices makes it an un-affordable fantasy. But why to fear when we are here! There are many brands in lingerie which are famous for their low prices and amazing quality and to top it brings in the heavy discounts on them, slashing the prices of lingerie upto 60% less. Below is the list of lingerie must haves under $20. Budget friendly and beautiful fit is what you’ll find below.


Pushup Floral Print Babydoll With Matching G-string $18.96

Pushup Floral Print Babydoll With Matching G-string $18.96



Mesh Babydoll and Matching G-string $10.17

Satin and Lace Halter Tie Babydoll With G-String

Satin and Lace Halter Tie Babydoll With G-String $19.51

Molded Cup Lace Panel Chemise with Matching G-String

Molded Cup Lace Panel Chemise with Matching G-String $19.88

Lace Tie-Up Bra with Thong

Lace Tie-Up Bra with Thong $7.95

Sequin bra, Garter Belt, Adjustable Garters and G-string

Sequin bra, Garter Belt, Adjustable Garters and G-string $11.30

Fishnet bra top with leather trim with g-string

Fishnet bra top with leather trim with g-string $13.61

Guide for Bridal Lingerie Shopping

Guide For Bridal Lingerie Shopping

Venue, flowers, dresses, food and so many other arrangements. Along with happiness wedding brings in a lot of stress. But in all this stress get your stress buster, i.e. shopping. Lingerie is an important part of your wardrobe. Regular lingerie shopping remains the same but the scenario slightly changes when it comes to Bridal lingerie.

Before you jot down what all you want its important to decide whom to take along for lingerie shopping. This brings us to the first tip for Bridal Shopping!

1) Selection of shopping partner

Often the mistake committed by most of brides is selecting groom as their shopping partner. Ladies! he is the one you buying the lingerie for let it be  a surprise for him. Your best companion for shopping spree is your girlfriend. She will give you the true advice and shop with you.

2) Shop with out the worry of price tag

Generally the bridal lingerie is little more expensive than the usual. So while you shop for your bridal lingerie don’t look at the price tag but what you love. It is not just a one time thing that you;; wear on your wedding honeymoon but there will come many moments where you can don these sexy pieces.

3) Do not buy anything that does not compliment your body

Get to know your body. Its your wedding and no time for experiments. It is important to understand that ill fitted lingerie is not just uncomfortable but also can ruin the moment. You don’t want your body looking baggy or squished, gasping for air. Further, it might induce the impression that you didn’t care enough to make the appropriate selection for him.

4) Ensure the safety of your skin

Buying something sexy is important but it in no way means that you should buy the fabric that has proven to be problematic in the past. You know your body and the fabric that suits your body. Always go for something that is comfortable for you and your skin.

5) Try before buying

Never go by the cover. Never buy your lingerie with out trying it out. While you try make your you check the fitting and don’t feel shy to take advice from your friend after all you got her with you so that she can guide you.

6) Don’t be Plain Jane

Its your wedding, it is your time do not go in for plain bra and panties. Explore the world of lingerie and try on what ever is available out there for you. Don’t hesitate in trying.

In the end ill wrap up saying do not ignore what you wear inside your clothes, as it impacts your overall appearance and the look of your outfits. Also, not to forget that these ‘essentials’ would definitely have some exciting effects on your love life!

Cute Boudoir Wardrobe Lingerie Ideas

Cute Boudoir Wardrobe Lingerie Ideas

As we know that women love to look sexy and cute while revealing their curves. Flaunting your assets will turn on your man for sure. Nowadays lingerie is not limited to bras and panty; but there is lot more like lovely baby-dolls, chemises and of course corsets. When people think of sexy lingerie they immediately start thinking about those sexy mesh and satin baby-dolls, lace bra top and panties, chemises and corsets. There are naughty role-play lingerie sets for your bedroom but what about the cute bedroom  lingerie? No worries these listed items will surely give you idea what to wear to look cute in bedroom.

With sexy lingerie ideas here comes the cute lingerie which will make you look cute and at the same time  sexy. Some of the lingerie you will fall in love with are shown below. The collection of lingerie we have assembled to share with you are rare to find at such affordable prices. Some of the beautiful lingerie are so eye pleasing. What can be more cute than babydolls?










These sexy and sometimes very cute lingerie items are for any of your day.  Don’t reserve it for special occasions and include these lingerie’s in your closet. We are sure it will spice up your love life and making everything more beautiful.

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