Sexy Lingerie Ideas for Easter

Sexy Lingerie Ideas for Easter, Another Egg-cuse for Dressing up Sexy!

Easter is the time for holidays, festivals and a time for giving chocolate Easter eggs. But Easter means much more, it is the oldest and the most important Christian Festival, the celebration of the death and coming to life again of Jesus Christ.

Celebrate a traditional Easter Sunday, attend sunrise service, and participate in traditional Easter customs. After all this, it’s time to welcome the spring in a fun way, celebrate all alone with your partner and get dressed sensual having the sexiest collection of lingerie here at spicylegs.
Special concern for husbands who are looking for a gift for their sweethearts, have something different to please them. Yes! Our dearest costumers we are talking about the sensual lingerie.

Have the time of your life! Explore the provocative side of yours having this seductive and so inviting lingerie collection.


Celebrate in your own way and be alluring in this bra top. A tempting and romantic look is  easy to achieve in this lingerie and it’s the most desirable lingerie around Easter. Do not forget to include this fantabulous set in your wardrobe.



Enlighten your special dinner with your better half, have a lovely teddy set in your collection. We guarantee that your partner eyes will surely going to pop-out.


Bunny ears in the lingerie will give it an Easter touch. This bunny black lingerie is so flirtatious & foxy that your man can’t take his eyes off you.


Lingerie is fashionable and typically alluring. This is badass one and do not forget to be unique and shine in your own way.
Be sure to check our website homepage for lingerie each time you visit for special promotions and heavy discounts that can save you even more. Here at SpicyLegs you will get the collection of beautiful and elegant lingerie.

Fuse Sexiness with Dignity,
Add Spark to your Life!!


Easter Bunny Costume Ideas

Easter Bunny Costume Ideas

Dressing up as bunny, Easter egg hunt for the small children, Sunrise service, painted and Chocolate eggs, cards and candy, boiled eggs and what else? All these things just remind us of the traditional yet very rollicking festival-the Easter day. It is seen as a holy day as it is the celebration of the Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Various folk customs and traditions, including eggs and bunnies have become standard part of this holiday.

Why don’t you dress up in “Easter best” attire this season and then everyone will feast eyes on you. Here we are giving you some costume ideas to help you out dressing up for Easter!
There are versions of the Easter bunny costumes that are sophisticated and quite astonishing. Have a Look!

Whether it may be any event or a party the main focus automatically goes on a lady dressing up sexy or elegant. So, Ladies! Do not miss any opportunity to get dressed up and get into the full swing this season with these rip-roaring costumes.
Whether or not you decide to wear an Easter costume, you must not forget to have a some bunny ears and a cute little tail attracts a lot of attention. It will add life to your bunny costumes for Easter!


The tradition of wearing new clothes on Easter dates back centuries, as people chose to celebrate new birth with new clothing. Like the egg, the rabbit was a symbol of fertility associated with the pagan festival of Easter. Wear your Easter best costume, dress up as bunny and hide the eggs for the children and they will hunt for eggs.
Either be traditional or be cute and fuzzy as a bunny and enjoy the egg hunting parties.

We hope the ideas we presented are inspiring for you and we are sure it will prove beneficial for you.

Let happy thoughts multiply like bunnies! Happy Easter Sunday!


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From Lingerie Buying Tips to Proper Care

Love to buy lingerie but don’t know exactly what things to keep in mind while buying? From Lingerie Buying Tips to Proper Care , We are here to lend you a helping hand to look the most sexiest and flirtatious in your well-suited lingerie. There are foxy and sensual lingerie available everywhere for women. The wearing of lingerie is such a sensual pleasure for women but when it comes to purchasing, many women end up buying the wrong sized lingerie.

Bras and panties are essential to any woman’s wardrobe. The key to make your lingerie comfortable is to include these valuable tips in your shopping habits!! Here, you will get to know how to shop for lingerie, how to care for it, trends to try, and how others we mean guys can best shop for their ladies.


If there is one thumb rule for buying lingerie, it’s to get the size right.”

When you are all set to buy lingerie, knowing the right size is the first thing to buy lingerie. If you pick up a wrong size then the result will be a blunder. It’s important to get the correct measurements, which you could do at home with measuring tape, or get it measured professionally. Always ensure everything fits well on your body (bust, hips etc.), so you can avoid looking unusually frumpy and uncomfortable. Knowing your cup sizes will really help you while buying a bra.




One of the best tips for buying lingerie is to know what looks best for your body type then accordingly buy.

The Chemise - These are light comfortable short dress like undergarments. They usually are made out of fairly light material.

A Baby Doll is a really short nightdress that hits at the top of the hip. If you usually go for sweet girly baby dolls, try a sexy fishnet ensemble.

If you are tall and slim then buy have the garter belts as they look great on tall women.

Corsets -Corsets traditionally are tightly cinched at the waist to give the wearer a noticeable hourglass figure, but they also can be laced loosely and worn as a regular top. Never tried a corset, go for it. They work for every body type and have been around for hundreds of years for a reason.
If you are voluptuous and big-busted then go for corsets, a corset supports the bust and brings out great cleavage in a very tasty manner.
Thongs - A thong is basically in between a regular panty and a G-String. While the panty would provide full coverage at the back and g-String would not, a thong would be the median between the two.

Just like with bra, it is always sensible to go for panties that are well-fitting and comfortable rather than merely sexy.
If you are blessed with a sexy hip size then try some cage back panties.

The next most relevant thing is to know for which occasion you are buying lingerie. Is it your wedding, or a gift to someone, or your birthday? Choose in accordance to the occasion, for eg. Silk, satin and  lacy bra will go well for your parties and Cotton is what women buy for themselves to wear every day, so to buy it for something special is a little against the point.

Most women can pull off white or flesh colored, red or black, nearly all lingerie comes in these colors, making it reasonably easy to choose. But choosing a color that compliments your skin color, hair, and eye color is a little more of an art. Select the fabric in which you will be comfortable, avoid stretchy and lacy material as most of them run and tend to stretch resulting.

There are normally a few different types of fabric to choose from when buying lingerie, such as lace, satin, silk, cotton, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), leather, lycra, and velvet. Lace, satin and silk are considered feminine, not too wild or over-the-top and feel beautiful on the skin.


Inexpensive lingerie might look pretty on a hanger, or on a model but keep in mind that it is often made from low quality fabrics and trim. These inferior materials don’t drape well on the body (as they are often stiff) and the lace and trims used can be rough and scratchy. Consider the fact that this part of the outfit comes in contact with sensitive areas of her body.  Higher end lingerie designers use high quality fabrics and trim, which will feel soft next to her body. Shop in various stores and compare their prices.


Taking proper care not only makes the lingerie last longer but also takes care of your skin as lingerie are the ones most close to your skin. Always read the care instructions when you are going to wash off your lingerie. Either it is hand wash or dry clean follow the instructions and wash it separately. The ideal way to clean your lingerie is hand-washing.

Always try something different that doesn’t look like everything else in your closet. You want it to be special and different from the usual items you put on!!!

St. Patrick’s Day Corset Ideas

St Patrick’s Day Corset Ideas

Go Green! Go Sexy!

It’s that time of year everyone Yes! St. Patrick’s day- the festival or a holiday celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods is approaching and we know you all particularly love all of those green costumes that come along with it. So the festival is right around the corner and you’ve put off finding a costume until the very last minute.

Bored wearing those insufficient pre-packaged costumes that flood the streets and clubs on the day? Come on! Try something new and creative. Change is the law of nature, so this time go for some romantic and passionate Corsets.

Now the seventeenth march rolls around and everyone must be thinking about is masterminding the perfect costume. Once you figured out costume, try to think of alternative ways to put it together. Have some sassy corsets in your wardrobe and if you are going for some party then put on these flirty and sexy corsets which will make you look like the shining star of the day. Here at spicylegs we have lot of corsets and lingerie options to keep you busy with.

Green St Patricks Day Sexy Fashion Corset Top


A romantic and stylish look is easy to achieve with this corset top. This very nice and curvy designed corset has a busk closure which gives the corset a perfect shape. The lace up back thing will turn everyone’s head for sure.

Green Victorian Jacquard Tapestry St Patricks Day Corset Top

St. Patrick's day Corset Ideas


It’s a piece of clothing that is somehow inviting and will be very comfortable. Keep yourself ready for the every jaw drop for you when you walked in.

Long Cut Peridot Green Iridescent Underbust Corset

St. Patrick's day corset Ideas


With this green corset you will have the most wonderful feeling to have all that rich velvet hug body which will cinch your waist into goddess-like proportions and you will feel so empowered.

Green with Multi-Floral Satin Brocade Underbust Corset

St. Patrick's day corset ideas

Wear this corset and be in the limelight. This costume is definitely noteworthy and the most desirable too.

Men will love when their better halves wear fitted clothes that aren’t too complicated. Do not miss a chance to buy these corsets which will make your festival party even more special.

Follow this phrase every-time you are going to dress up – “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runaway!!


Redefining Green! St Patrick’s Day Costumes Ideas

St. Patrick’s day is rapidly approaching and luck is all the way coming to you. Luck, the Leprechaun, Shamrocks, Rainbows and Pot of Gold, What else?  St. Patrick’s day has become an international festival and it is a religious holiday celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green as it is the iconic color of the festival. Wedged right in between Valentine’s Day and Easter, St. Patrick’s Day should also have pretty things to celebrate as well as it is highly significant and celebration of Irish culture.

Do you have your costume yet? Days are passing by and we know finding the perfect costume can be very stressful , but we are here to lend you a helping hand.

Of course, anything Green will get your through the day without getting pinched but those costumes don’t show much of creativity and you run the risk of having another person show up wearing the same thing. If you want to do something more exciting on the festival then these are the few costumes lined up for you. Here we are giving you the sneak peek of the most eminent costumes both for men and women which will help in your efforts to have a blast in the party!! Come on do not get yourself stuck in choosing the costumes, just follow these amazing ideas for making your festival great!!!

Costumes for Men

Bored wearing Kiss me I’m Irish tees on every St. Patrick’s day? But now you don’t have to worry as Spicylegs brings you the most unique and creative costume ideas ever.

Dressing up as Leprechaun

Leprechaun marks the essence of St. Patrick’s day So don’t miss this one as the Leprechaun  costume suits the holiday perfectly. Shoemakers had a reputation for living alone, being crafty, and stashing their money, all of these characteristics came to be associated with leprechauns.
Get all new modish and traditional Lucky Leprechaun look at your doorsteps and accessorize it with a hat and a beard. Leprechaun Adult costume kit is collection of all the accessories to ensemble the leprechaun look.


Cheers n Beers Look

“Anyone can drink beer but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer”
Get this cheers and beers look and guess what ? You will also have an extra offer to keep your beer cans in. Ladies will love it too!


If you want to have a Retro  look then Leisure Suit Deluxe  Adult Costume is a right choice for you. It will make you look like a complete blast from the past.


Women Costumes

“Get the Eyes on you” must be the women all time favourite phrase.
As we all know Women can never ever be satisfied with any number of costumes , they just want uncountable outfits. Keeping in mind this thing we present a huge range of green yet so catchy outfits for women for the festival.


What Will You Dress As ?

The shamrock, Ireland’s national flower, which grows green and is a regular reminder of the beautiful mystery of the Trinity. Remind your beauty to everyone by grabbing this shamrock costume.


Leprechaun is not only meant for men! Dress up in the cutest Leprechaun Costume and capture a leprechuan and grab their pot of gold. Spread some luck with lady luck costume and do not forget to carry a boa with this costume. These are just two of the fun costume ideas to wear for a St. Patrick’s Day Parade or Party. Have the luck of the Irish on your side this March in these women’s Costume specially for those who want to celebrate the Real meaning.













Dress up a little or a lot with a full costume or just add accessories to what you are wearing. You will be the hit of the day. If you would like to be a little traditional and the prettiest going for some parade, then go for this Pretty Saint costume and everybody will be overwhelmed with your grace.

St Patricks Day Women Costume

Get ready to sweep everyone off their feet with Kiss Me Cutie Light up Costume , this costume is a badass one at that. Follow this sexiest look and catch all the attention in the party.

We have summed up all the outfits that will go well for your festival . Now choose the best one and have some real fun on St. Patrick’s Day. May the luck of the Irish enfold you and may the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you!!!

When throwing your bash, make sure to let guests know the level of costuming expected.

Valentine’s Day Costumes

It is said “love is like a rain that touches land after long summer, it brings freshness and life to you”. Do you feel the same? If yes then my dear friend you are in love and what better day can you get than Valentine’s Day to celebrate this feeling of being in LOVE.

Get amazing Valentine’s Day costume ideas that can help you out in making this day a memorable one for you and your partner. You can get many options to choose from, you can either dress like made for each other couples like Cinderella and prince charming, queen and king of heart or wear any red or pink colour costumes.

Couple Costumes

If you plan to attend Valentine’s Day costume party dressed as a couple then below are few ideas that can help you out.

1)      Disney Couple Costumes

Everyone wishes to have their happily ever after and if you have found your prince charming then there is no other better way to tell the world than dressing up like the Disney couple.

You can pick Cinderella and prince charming or beauty and the beast




2)      Queen and King Of Heart

Let everyone know he is king of your heart and she is the queen of your heart with these elegant and lovely costumes.


King_Of_Heart3)      Adam and Eve

When ever we talk about soul mates or lover their name crops up first in our mind. Adam and eve costume is a perfect one for you for Valentine’s Day Party.


General Costumes

It’s not necessary to dress up like couples. Valentine’s day brings along some really cute things like chocolates, teddy bears, flowers. So dressing up in something cute or charming can do justice to the celebrations.

Women Costumes

Be as sweet as chocolate and as hot as fire. Put up a sweet or a sexy look for the Valentines Day.



Men Costumes

Be irresistible hunk of the party and woo your lady love.


Men_Costumes’s Valentine Giveaway

We are back with a sexy and exciting Giveaway to celebrate this season of LOVE. Get a chance to win a Night Gown and Babydoll  for your partner this Valentine’s. Either gift her these beautiful and sexy Lingerie or don them for your love. With 3 simple steps these sensual lingerie can be yours. Simply like our FaceBook FanPage, Fill in your details and answer a simple question. To increase your chances of winning just share the Valentine Giveaway link with your friends and earn BONUS entries. So what you waiting for click the below Link.

Valentine Giveaway is open only for USA . Giveaway Ends on 3rd February 2014.


Valentine’s day lingerie

Days are passing very rapidly and by the time you will decide what to present your ladylove, Valentine’s Day will be at your doorstep. So, the most important task of this day must be decided as soon as possible and that too with utmost care.

Most husbands are scratching their heads as what to choose to impress her on the day of love. Flowers are common, cards are old and chocolates will make her fat. Confusion and lots of confusion.Right? Most of you, would have even thought about Valentine’s Day Lingerie, but very few dare to make purchase. Well purchasing lingerie can be risky, but it is one of the most wonderful gift that is liked by all  the ladies.

So, this Valentine pull up your sleeves and make her sweep off her feet by making the Valentine’s Day most special day of her life.

We present some stylish Valentine’s Day Lingerie to help you in your efforts.

Stretch Lace and Mesh Halter Babydoll with G-String


Babydoll is one of the women’s favorite undergarments. If spark has gone out of your love life, then resuscitate it with stretch lace babydoll. Another important fact is that babydoll lingerie fits beautifully to any shape and size and makes women look sexy and arousing.

Boudoir Princess Ruffle Teddy- HotPink


Pink is romantic, affectionate, caring and intimate. On this Valentine, gift her this special pink colored lingerie and you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her.

Heart Mesh Babydoll with Side Slit and Thong


Red is the color of love. It is energizing. It excites emotions and spreads the fragrance of love. So, present her this special gift and it will convey your message to her.

Perfect Pin-up Tie Side Panty and Bra-Red/White

Take your relation a step ahead. Get this perfect pin-up  lingerie and  surprise her with your creative idea. Don’t forget to do research on size else, the results may be disastrous.

Perfect Pin-up Shrug and Ruffle Panty-Red/White

Make her feel the warmth of your love and make your night special with this Shrug and Ruffled Panty.

Women love things which make her feel attractive and noticeable. So, lingerie will be the best idea to impress her and make her feel special on Valentine’s Day and get that unexpected smile on her face.

Club Wear Dress for New Year

Have you planned your New year’s eve? what have you decided? Are you going to spend your eve with your friends or will you spend your New year with someone special? Do you plan to go to club or have a private intimate dinner? Before you decide exactly what to wear you better decide how will you welcome new year? Believe me! it’s really important. Your dress should compliment to where you going.

Mostly we all love to go out clubbing and let lose. If you decide to go to club then here are few of the club wear dresses for your New Year Party. Get the best Club wear dress for New Year and end your what to wear dilemma.

Printed Tube Dress



Be all set to dazzle the party in this glamorous printed tube dress with a stylish back. 


Printed Club Dress




If you want to make your evening happening, then your outfit must be comfortable completing all the requirements for the event. Printed Club Dress is the best Clubwear Dress for New Year that will surely make your man completely fall for you.

Pink lipstick glitterati sequin dress



Every girl wants to be gorgeous and unique especially when they are in parties or in clubs. So, get super hot and sexy Pink lipstick glitterati sequin dress and fulfill all your desires as life is too short to blend in.


Halter Neck Mini Dress




Halter neck mini dress is absolutely attractive. Any women who puts on this mini dress will find their partner unable to take their eyes off of them. So, ladies!!! show  your self confidence and let others feel jealous of you.

Fiery Red Leather Corset and Skirt Set


Be Bold and Beautiful this New Year. Dress in this attractive Red Leather Corset Dress and be the stunner in the club.

Get your favorite club wear dress for New Year and enjoy the night welcoming the New Year!

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