Every woman desires to be admired for what and who she is. From having a golden heart to having an alluring persona, she wants to own the best of both the worlds. You already have a golden heart (we all know that). However, donning the sensuous self can be a bit tricky business for some of you. The […]

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New is always fun and when it is to pep up your intimate moments, Wow! nothing like it!! Spicy Legs keeps on bringing new more exciting and luscious stuff to spice up your mundane life. Keep a tab on New Arrivals Here and DON’T MISS A THING!          

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The best part of shopping at SpicyLegs is its UNBELIEVABLE discounted prices. You get all the prime brands in intimate and club wear (for both men and women) at a discount of 40% on an average! Dreamgirl, Allure, Be Wicked, Elope, Leggs, Coquette, Escante, Ellie Shoes are some of the most sought-after brands that are available here. Must be […]

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Costumes have always been the hottest pick to add flavours to any themed party. Since it’s no one time affair and we always don’t need a special reason to throw a party, we decided to make this a permanent feature on our blog. SpicyLegs has a dedicated section just to ensure you have a spiced up rocking […]

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Valentine’s Day’s Art of Seduction with the Alluring Gowns

January 18, 2017 | No Comments

Image: Delicate Lace Open Front Gown   Valentine’s Day is still a month away, but lovers around the world are already in the mood to celebrate their love. The cupids are ready with their love enriched arrows to aim their prospective targets, so those who are happily or unhappily single, don’t wear that sad face. Your […]

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Personify Sensuousness In Unique Babydoll Style This Valentine

January 10, 2017 | No Comments

Image: Vivace Lace Baby Doll   With the weather at its beauty best, winters in all its gorgeous glory, it’s a perfect time to raise the temperatures with your groovy style. What can be more perfect setting than romancing with your beloved with strawberries, red wine by the sensuous fire place. To add to the flavor […]

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Set the Dance Floor on Fire with Gorgeous Dresses Under $30

December 26, 2016 | No Comments

Image: Vinyl Dress    Hey ladies! Deck yourself with the best ravishing, gorgeous and sensuous dresses exclusively from SpicyLegs.   Stretch Jersey Ruched Front Mid Thigh Length Versatile Dress     In hot red color, this gorgeous dress from Dreamgirl can be worn in six styles. Go on experiment with it.   Disco Queen Perfect […]

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Sensuous Club Wear for a Passionate New Year

December 22, 2016 | No Comments

Image: Club Wear Dress   Hey Gorgeous Ladies! Ready to set the party on fire with your sassy dance moves? Ready to say the countdown with your beloved hand’s in yours? Ready to kiss him so passionately like never before? Oh yes! Definitely you are. SpicyLegs is here to spice up your celebrations a little. […]

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Sassy Elf Costumes for an Amazing Christmas

December 14, 2016 | No Comments

Christmas is around. Santa is definitely going to appreciate more hands in his overwhelming job of packing the gifts for everyone. SpicyLegs brings you ravishing elf costumes that add a tinge of spice to your celebrations. Sassy Elf  What a vibrant costume it is! It includes a clip on hat, top, belt, tutu, and tights […]

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santa costumes

Paint the World Red with Gorgeous Santa Costumes

December 12, 2016 | No Comments

Image: Red mesh apron dress   When the sensuality of reds meets the gorgeousness of velvet and lyrca, then it’s time to celebrate December; it’s time to celebrate Christmas. It’s time to don the signature Santa costume and be your Santa. SpicyLegs is here to add passion to your style statement this holiday season.     Mistress […]

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winter lingerie

Things to Care While Buying Winter Lingerie

October 28, 2016 | No Comments

The greens of the trees has slowly turned barren. The weather is at its best. Not so chilly and no longer sweltering hot. Yes, that’s the weather we love the most. Enjoy it to the full, but keep in mind the spine chilling winters ahead. The time of the year when we snuggle deep under layers and layers of fabrics. That’s the time to stay covered and stay sexy. We, at SpicyLegs, believe sexiness is skin deep. It’s not our clothes that decide where we lie on sexiness barometer, but our attitude.

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Best Sexy Halloween Costumes 2016

October 20, 2016 | No Comments

Halloween is just around the corner and we all are geared up for the gala celebration. It’s the time you bring your inner desires and wishes to the fore and be what you want to be. You like Cinderella, be one. You like Maleficent, be one. You want to be a Wonder Woman, turn into one. Don’t keep anything enclosed within you.

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10 Popular Gothic Halloween Costumes under $25

October 10, 2016 | No Comments

Hey Girls! Hope the Halloween fever is giving you chills.
Now, its your turn to send the shivers down their spines. Now its time to turn the tables on them.
Your favorite store, SpicyLegs, has some real nasty and creepy Gothic themed costumes.

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Flirtatious Halloween Costumes

September 30, 2016 | No Comments

We, women are born beautiful. We are born sexy. We are proud to be who and what we are. As the saying goes, ‘Walk as if you are wearing an invisible tiara.’ We are the queens of the hearts and we rule the world. We like to be modest and even love more to be flirty. When we are attracted to someone or when we see somebody is interested, we are at flirtatious best. Then, we turn into such a mystery that even the guy loves to unveil layer by layer. Come on! We have baffled the best of psychiatrists and psychologists. Don’t you love that?

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lingerie washing guide

Have You Been Washing Your Lingerie in a Wrong Way?

September 27, 2016 | No Comments

Some say that it’s insane to spend our hard earned money on something that is not even visible!
I beg to differ. Lingerie is more than a necessary wear today. It is something that makes us feel sexy and empowered.

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Be a Dreamgirl with an Unbelievable Discount

September 23, 2016 | No Comments

Dreamgirl is one brand in lingerie and costume that needs no introduction. In just a span of few years the way it has grown from a national favorite to international brand speaks volumes of its matchless craftsmanship from the designing to the manufacturing and packaging to the moment it hits the stores.

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How to choose a Perfect Sports Bra?

September 19, 2016 | No Comments

In this blogpost, we are going to discuss the important things you should keep in mind while buying a sports bra, how to take care of it and best picks in the market right now. The brand CHAMPION has some amazing options for you.

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sexy club dresses vinyl

Sexy Club Dresses in Vinyl under $35

September 16, 2016 | No Comments

Remember how the iconic Spice Girls associated the girl power with these dresses. You don’t have to blend in the darkness and anonymity. Step up. Stand out of the crowd. Come to the limelight and voice your opinion. Say it loud.

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