Guide for Bridal Lingerie Shopping

Guide For Bridal Lingerie Shopping

Venue, flowers, dresses, food and so many other arrangements. Along with happiness wedding brings in a lot of stress. But in all this stress get your stress buster, i.e. shopping. Lingerie is an important part of your wardrobe. Regular lingerie shopping remains the same but the scenario slightly changes when it comes to Bridal lingerie.

Before you jot down what all you want its important to decide whom to take along for lingerie shopping. This brings us to the first tip for Bridal Shopping

1) Selection of sopping partner

Often the mistake committed by most of brides is selecting groom as their shopping partner. Ladies he is the one you buying the lingerie for let it be  a surprise for him. Your best companion for shopping spree is your girlfriend. She will give you the true advice and shop with you.

2) Shop with out the worry of price tag

Generally the bridal lingerie is little more expensive than the usual. So while you shop for your bridal lingerie don’t look at the price tag but what you love. It is not just a one time thing that you;; wear on your wedding honeymoon but there will come many moments where you can don these sexy pieces.

3) Don’t not buy anything that does not compliment your body

Get to know your body. Its your wedding and no time for experiments. It is important to understand that ill fitted lingerie is not just uncomfortable but also can ruin the moment. You don’t want your body looking baggy or squished, gasping for air. Further, it might induce the impression that you didn’t care enough to make the appropriate selection for him.

4) Ensure the safety of your skin

Buying something sexy is important but it in no way means that you should buy the fabric that has proven to be problematic in the past. You know your body and the fabric that suits your body. Always go for something that is comfortable for you and your skin.

5) Try before buying

Never go by the cover. Never buy your lingerie with out trying it out. While you try make your you check the fitting and don’t feel shy to take advice from your friend after all you got her with you so that she can guide you.

6) Don’t be Plain Jane

Its your wedding, it is your time do not go in for plain bra and panties. Explore the world of lingerie and try on what ever is available out there for you. Don’t hesitate in trying.

In the end ill wrap up saying do not ignore what you wear inside your clothes, as it impacts your overall appearance and the look of your outfits. Also, not to forget that these ‘essentials’ would definitely have some exciting effects on your love life


Cute Boudoir Wardrobe Lingerie Ideas

Cute Boudoir Wardrobe Lingerie Ideas

As we know that women love to look sexy and cute while revealing their curves. Flaunting your assets will turn on your man for sure. Nowadays lingerie is not limited to bras and panty; but there is lot more like lovely baby-dolls, chemises and of course corsets. When people think of sexy lingerie they immediately start thinking about those sexy mesh and satin baby-dolls, lace bra top and panties, chemises and corsets. There are naughty role-play lingerie sets for your bedroom but what about the cute bedroom  lingerie? No worries these listed items will surely give you idea what to wear to look cute in bedroom.

With sexy lingerie ideas here comes the cute lingerie which will make you look cute and at the same time  sexy. Some of the lingerie you will fall in love with are shown below. The collection of lingerie we have assembled to share with you are rare to find at such affordable prices. Some of the beautiful lingerie are so eye pleasing. What can be more cute than babydolls?










These sexy and sometimes very cute lingerie items are for any of your day.  Don’t reserve it for special occasions and include these lingerie’s in your closet. We are sure it will spice up your love life and making everything more beautiful.

Sexy Matching Lingerie Sets

Sexy Matching Lingerie Sets

Shopping for sheer lingerie is a lot of fun for any women and Matching sets just double that fun. Tired of matching your babydoll, chemise or bra with the complimenting thong? You don’t have to do now. As the fashion designers nowadays gives us endless options to choose from. You can find matching two-piece sets or sets with three or four coordinating pieces. Some matching sets include a simple bra and panty set, chemise and babydoll with G-string, or it could be a corset with garter belt, and thigh-highs;  bra top with mini-skirt and thong.

You can wear these matching sets as it adds sexiness to your look. Wear it for your spouse or boyfriend; he will be amazed by your look. Lingerie sets are always a great wear whether you wear it occasionally or daily. It never goes off. Scroll down for some of the best matching sets we are sure you would love to include in your closet.



This hot pink babydoll will definitely make your boyfriend’s mind blown away. He will be astonished when he will see you in this hot pink flyaway babydoll.



This very pretty lingerie set includes mesh and scalloped lace underwire bra, garter Belt with removable garters and panty.



Women are fond of wearing babydolls. Enhance your seductive side with this black mesh babydoll with lace over satin top and g-string.





The beauty of this lingerie set lies in its color, this lovely color is so eye pleasing and We are sure no one can stop you to look the sexiest when you wear this set!

Rest assured that these sets will add grace to your figure! Many discounts and different styles are available. Grab these sexy pieces of lingerie.. hurry!

Full Bust Plus Size lingerie Ideas

Full Bust Plus Size lingerie Ideas
With the increasing demand of plus size lingerie, designers are also creating attractive and fashionable lingerie for plus size women .No matter if you are plus size, you can also look sexy in your lingerie. We know plus size women finds buying lingerie as a big challenge. But it’s no more a challenge as of the increasing demand of plus size lingerie, the selection and the variety of sexy plus size lingerie has grown.

We have seen many women feeling ashamed of their heavy thighs and tummy. To get them rid out of these problems we have assembled a huge variety of plus size lingerie not just for daily wear but also for special occasions. Like other sexy lingerie plus size lingerie comes in great styles, patterns and colors, either we talk about baby-dolls, chemises, bra tops, body-shapers and bustiers. Corsets can prove to be great as it will clutch your waist accentuating your curves.




Stretch Lace Chemise and Matching G-String



 Wear these sensual and foxy lingerie which will astonish your man. Explore your provocative side and be inviting when you go sexy in the bed. We are sure the collection will not let you go empty-handed.

To all you women that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it’s society who’s ugly- Marilyn Monroe! So Remember big is beautiful!

Corset collection from DarkLure

Corset collection from DarkLure

When it comes to shopping lingerie, women are super-excited. With the dilemma of shopping lingerie from a physical store or online, the decision can be quite tough sometimes and you could even miss some of the best deals! What if you are getting all those sensual lingerie exclusively from one of the most trusted brand DarkLure. Corset is a garment worn to hold and shape the torso into desired shape. To accentuate your curves and to achieve the hourglass figure, corsets are really helpful. Trends come and go like weather but corset never goes. Corsets should be chosen carefully, keeping in mind you are wearing it under the dress or as an external garment.

If Corsets, mini-dresses and chemises are on the top of your bucket list then why dont you buy some? Get the unbeatable collection of corsets and dresses and cinch your body into perfect curves. We are sure you will find the perfect amalgamation of elegance and sensuality. So, all the Ladies out there brace yourself to have enormous fun while shopping lingerie.. Here are variety of patterns and colors to choose from.







When you are getting these sexy corsets  then it becomes irresistible to stop yourself to shop!  Explore your provocative side; keep an eagle eye on these listed products, rest assured you will love them!

Bedroom Costume- Role Play Lingerie

Bedroom Costume- Role Play Lingerie

Flowers, candles, sexy night wear and a full moon night, all these are essential for a romantic pleasurable night. Every man wants to do something different once in a while. Go an extra mile for your man and make him feel special. If you’re looking for ways to make your special night a little spicier, then consider giving costumes a try in the bedroom. They are sexy and innovative way to break the old school love making routine. Be sexy, be innovative, be someone else for a night and woo your man. Bring back the lost sparks to your relation with role play.

1)      Nurse Costume


Known for the nurturing and caring nature, nurse is the one who takes care of other in sickness. Dress like a – Sexy Made Easy!t nurse and let your guy know that tonight you’ll take care of him.

2)      French Maid Costume


The epitome of sexiness. You can never go wrong with this costume. Its a must try for everyone out there.

3)      Bunny Costumes


Hop onto the bed and directly into his heart. This is very sexy costume and can make your man skip his heart beat.

4)      School Girl Costume


Naughty and sexy. Break all the rules and be the brat. Show your man the brat you can be in bed.

5)      Football Player Costume


With the football season on and if your man is obsessed with it then this is what you should wear. Bring the heat of field in your bed.




Semi Annual Sale

Semi Annual Sale is here! Ah, being a woman is simply amazing. Especially this time of year, when the Semi-Annual LINGERIE SALE rolls around. The sale is the time to try and buy the new lines of lingerie that you wanted to try but could not because they were at full price. But now you can buy that sexy piece but buy early enough so that there are still others colors left if you’re smitten and want to go back to buy more. There are numerous numbers of lucrative offers available that induces you to shop and shop in an effective way for sure. So brace yourself to shop from the biggest sale online that is ready to convert you into sensuous and sexy lady who is totally irresistible. Its not just lingerie but corsets, dresses also turns up a women into a totally different avatar. Keeping the heat up below are few selected products to choose from in a heavy season of sale. We have rounded up some of our favorites for you.

Plus Size

Size should not stop you from taking advantage of this door buster sale.















Don’t forget to buy these sensual collection of lingerie and that too at very affordable price. Get Flat 50% off on all lingerie!!

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BabyDoll Lingerie- Hello Babydolls!

BabyDoll Lingerie

Thinking of having a voluptuous night with your lover, think of babydolls.  Babydolls ,the sexy little something every girl wants. Short, sexy nightwear that reveal more than they conceal; these gorgeous little pieces are guaranteed to make an impact. Babydoll lingerie can vary from pretty and delicate to racy and seductive. This type of lingerie typically falls just below the hips and often have cute matching underwear to go with it. Babydoll comes in many different types like sheer, lace or prints.

Sheer Babydoll

Full sheer or partial sheer? What is your pick. Babydoll comes in partial sheer which has area near the torso as sheer and complete sheer. Depending upon your taste and how much you would like hide away select your babydoll. Sheer babydolls look very sexy and can be worn with garter belts.







Lace Babydoll

Taking a step ahead in sexiness. Lace babydoll fits the seductive style perfectly. Its a perfect amalgamation of elegance and sexiness. The delicacy of work is the appeal of such babydolls.








Mesh Babydoll

Mesh is yet another style of babydoll that is truly very sensual and romantic. The softness of this fabric makes it simply flow down your body.





We hope the above collection of finest Babydolls would be helpful to you for those special nights.

International Joke Day Costume Ideas

International Joke Day Costume Ideas

There are so many troubles, problem and so much stress surrounding us all the time. Its hard to find few moments when you can just sit relax and laugh your worries out. Are you looking for a reason to laugh? Here is your reason. The International Joke Day.

World is full of pain and unhappiness and here is your chance to spread some cheers, laughter and smiles. Organize a small get together and get dressed in funny costumes. Worried about the costumes? Well dont be, here are few options that you can select from.

Woman Costumes

Looking sexy is a must no matter what the occassions is and who said Funny costumes can not be sexy. Break this myth and dress in sexy yet funny costumes.

Funny Costume for Women


Clown Costume

Men Costumes

Tickle few funny bones with these costumes and leave an impression on her.

Funny Costume for Men


Funny Adult Costume

Funny Adult Men Costume

His Her Costumes

Its a very common practise amongst couple, where similar or theme based costumes. If you plan to dress up similar or on same theme then below are few options that can be considered.







The above costume definitely make some bones tickle and pour laughter in your party. Keep the party spirit high and spread smiles this International Joke Day.

Happy Laughing! :)

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